Belamie Peddle

Partner, facilitator, supervisor and instructor at Lewis Deep Democracy


Belamie specialises in giving people the skills and tools to manage the messy realities of the world. In particular, she empowers people to deal with indecision, participation or collaboration issues, disagreement and tension. She has worked with a diverse range of organisations, companies and stakeholders to find clarity and a sense of direction.

Belamie is a Lewis Deep Democracy certified instructor, supervisor and coach; she works with teams, leaders, partners, couples, families and individuals.

Belamie provides training, interventions, supervision and facilitation and looks forward to helping people engage in authentic, inclusive and enriching conversations in person, meeting rooms, boardrooms and online.

At the School of System Change

Belamie is a contributor on Basecamp. She also teaches Lewis Deep Democracy tools and methodology. She thrives on enabling others to communicate more clearly, effectively and efficiently.