Jasmine Castledine

Operations & Development Designer; Producer at the School of System Change

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Jasmine Castledine

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Jasmine is passionate about using creative thinking and education to drive social change for sustainable and equitable development, underpinned by a commitment to advocating for human rights.

She has a strong belief in the power of storytelling and play to inspire change and facilitate discussion of complex issues. In a personal capacity she has written, devised and performed theatre pieces addressing issues of social justice.

With a background in legal activism for human rights and access to justice, she has previously worked in both a paid and voluntary capacity for legal advice charities, from anti-poverty to criminal appeals.

Jasmine endeavours to bring a rights-based and creative lens her work, and holds equity and empathy as core practices of her work.

At the School of System Change

Jasmine is the School of System Change Operations & Development Designer and Lead Producer for the School's European portfolio of systems change learning offerings. She collaborates with the team to manage the School finances, governance, and operations. Jasmine is currently leading the School's governance inquiry and transition to a new organising model, bringing experience from her legal background, role as a member of the Transformational Governance Stewarding Group, and participation in governance-related inquiries and trainings throughout her career.