Our Approach to Change

We exist to nurture a systemic, living paradigm, where learning is change.

The world as complex and alive

We recognise that the all-pervasive dominant paradigm of the imperialist, white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy (Hooks, 2004:17) means that there is an existential risk to all complex life on earth, including human civilization. At the same time, we believe that living into a different paradigm is possible. That deep, lasting systems change is possible. The world is changing and evolving all the time, and we can shape this change. But only if we are willing to deeply question our own worldviews and lean into new ways of thinking, being and doing. There is not one way to do systems change work.

The change is deep (paradigm shifting), the field is broad

Learning is change

We see a different paradigm as one where learning is change. What we mean by that is that it is through learning processes of adapting to constantly evolving conditions that change happens. And that the change we are seeking in the world is an increased and ongoing collective capacity to learn in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

Ongoing work to shift paradigms needs sustained cultures and structures of collective learning in context.

Working to shift paradigms is hard, lifelong work. It can be supported through learning together: we are social creatures, and the new paradigm is one of relationship rather than separation. In a complex world, learning also needs to be experimental and applied in context. Learning is happening all the time, but to encourage a more conscious form for systems change, it benefits from a supportive culture and enabling structures, rituals and formats.

Read more on learning is change from our CEO, Anna Birney.

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