Multi-Method Approach

There is no one way to do systems change work. At the School we convene different practitioners with their tools and methods to support the development of your systemic practice.

Our multi-method approach to learning

Much more than a catalogue or integrated set of tools, the School’s learning journeys are each a unique opportunity to engage with practitioners who have developed and continue to refine systems change frameworks.

Live conversation with experienced practitioners, interactive sessions to learn by doing, and reflective opportunities to go deeper are all part of how we cater to different learning styles.

There is no one way to do this work, but there is a spirited community of many different people learning together about how to lead, facilitate, intervene and organise for transformational change.

Join one of our learning cohorts to become part of this community!

"Understanding long-term challenges as systemic has been a game-changer for me. It gave me confidence to keep going, a new-found resilience and ... a cohort of inspiring peers to keep learning with. Add to that all the quality delivery, content & tools ... any leader with ambition to affect real change should do it!"

Ben Mortimer, Basecamp alum

Head of Brand Innovation, Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate

"[The School experience] helped me push my boundaries, explore my learning edge, and appreciate different approaches outside of my comfort zone. And hearing what my peers were doing in social impact and sustainability was very inspiring."

Kate Goodwin, Basecamp alum

Designer and Researcher

Meet some of our contributors

Here are just a few of our many contributors at the School:

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Rupesh Shah

Senior Lecturer and Staff Tutor at School of Engineering and Innovation, Open University

Rupesh has supported learning about systems thinking at the Open University for almost ...

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Dr Jean Boulton

Visiting Senior Research Fellow, University of Bath

Jean teaches, researches, consults and writes about the implications of ‘embracing comp...

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Joy Green

Principal Futurist at Forum for the Future

Joy is deeply experienced in using Futures for system change. She was previously the Pr...

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Ben Haggard

Regenesis Institute

Ben specializes in a holistic, systems-based approach to understanding and building upo...

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