Ben Haggard

Regenesis Institute

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Ben specializes in a holistic, systems-based approach to understanding and building upon the complex human, natural and economic relationships that create and sustain the vitality and viability of a place. He has provided a range of professional expertise to a wide spectrum of projects internationally, helping to develop models of thinking that integrate ecological and living-systems approaches with large-scale development. He has worked with developers and design teams, governmental agencies, city planning departments, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and others to apply the Regenesis approach to a broad range of community development issues and contexts. Ben is a skilled writer, facilitator, and strategic thinker. He also acts as a faculty member for The Regenerative Practitioner series.

At the School of System Change

At the School, Ben teaches an introduction to the practice of Regenerative Development.

"I'm excited about the opportunity, based on the slow accumulation of experience, to work with increasingly complex systems."
Ben Haggard

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