Transforming Whole Systems

We are seeking a few ambitious leaders across sectors, systems and networks to create bold new partnerships for systems change.

Collaborating to transform your ecosystems

Are you someone with ambitions to create broad and deep change in your ecosystem, beyond the boundaries of your organisation?

Together we can seed cultures of sustained learning and transformation by bringing the School’s powerful combination of offerings - from systems change learning and leadership coaching, to resource curation and community engagement - to meet your network of changemakers who are ready for new approaches to change.

At the School, we believe that working to bring about systems change in whole fields, sectors or places needs a particular kind of partnership. We commit into collaborations where we can go deep into learning together, co-designing bespoke work programmes and evaluating their impact. Co-facilitating allows us to adapt the most relevant practice from the wider field of systems change for the culture and learning styles of each specific context. We believe strong partner relationships lead to deep, lasting change.

Over the last two years, we have been piloting this approach in the health sector with Johnson & Johnson Foundation and in Eastern Europe and Central Asia with MitOst. The results have been inspiring! We’re looking for three to five new partnerships of this type for the next five years. If this is you, connect with the team to share your ambitions and work out how we might work together at [email protected].

Together, we can inspire new ways of thinking, being and working for lasting change in your field.

Co-designed learning journeys for your network

When creating tailored courses, we work closely with our partners to craft bespoke content, building on the collective experience of our facilitators and contributors to bring our multi-method approach to life in way that’s right for your field.  In joining us to co-design a learning journey for your network, you can expect a focus on interactive and applied learning that grows a practical understanding of systems change.

Take a look at our course pages for a sense of our curriculum, the breadth of our content and some of the different practices we can help you to grow. 

Previously, we have co-designed tailored courses with Johnson and Johnson Foundation for health systems transformation, Aviva Investors for systems change in finance, Bosch Alumni Network on impact fields around inequalities and cities as transition arenas.

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