33days: Systemic Reflections

Start your year with a set of daily writing prompts and ideas over 33 days to help you reflect on your systemic practice and explore practical ideas for how you want to develop over the coming year.

33 days


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New Year 2024
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Welcome to 33days

33days of systemic reflections is an invitation to reflect on your systemic practice and explore practical ideas for how you want to develop over the coming year. From 8 January to 9 February 2024, daily writing prompts and invitations to experiment will help set you up for the year by translating your big intentions into everyday practices you can tend to.

If you are interested in receiving further support from the School to navigate systems change in 2024, check out our other learning offerings.

What you'll get

  • Daily writing prompts sent by email
  • Inspiration and ideas for micro practices you can integrate into your life and work
  • Links to resources to help you extend the questions
  • The opportunity to join a reflection call with the School of System Change and other participants at the end of the 33 days (Thursday 8 February, 15:30-16:15 GMT)

Who is this for?

You might be new to systems change looking for an opportunity to energise your practice, or perhaps you’re a well seasoned practitioner looking for space to reflect and recalibrate. Or maybe you’re looking to try out a different approach to annual intention setting and reflection, one that is grounded in paying attention to what is happening within and around you for 33 days.

You may be an individual looking for structured reflection or a team wanting to connect together as well as to others at the optional reflection call at the end of the 33 days.

Whatever your experience with systems change, we warmly welcome you to participate.

If you joined 33days in 2023, please note that the daily prompts are mostly the same in this edition. Similar to how you might practise the same yoga flow each week, we invite you to use 33days this time as a way to reflect on your progress and the similarities and differences between your answers in 2023 and now.

Who created this?

The questions and development of this process have been designed and developed by Anna, Louise and Sean as part of their ongoing inquiry into how we constellate and organise for change.

Clara, Mairi and Sarena co-lead the production of 33days. Learn more about the School enabling team.

Why 33?

The reflection takes place over 33 days in 2024 (8 January - 9 February 2024) as 33 is said to be the magic teacher number, revealing to us that 'all things are possible' and symbolising 'guidance'.


We’re inviting people to pay what you can when you sign up. Honouring your investment into your personal development, as well as our ideation time and production process, our recommended scale for donation tickets is GBP £33-99.

We know times are tough for many, and so we invite you to access a free Supported ticket at checkout if needed. We would love for you to join in the reflection.

Sign up

Sign up before 8 January 2024 to join us from the beginning of 33days. The last day to sign up to take part is 15 January.

If you cannot see the emails in your inbox (starting 8 January), please first check your spam folder and then email the School team at [email protected].

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