Abili Moses Billy

Digital Health Consultant

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Abili is passionate about digital transformation in all spheres of life. He likes to explore how emerging innovations in ICT can improve and change how we do things faster and better. With a background in management information systems and Msc. Health Informatics, he had the privilege to attend Basecamp for Health Transformation 2022. Systems thinking principles shifted his thinking/view and empowered him to employ organised ways to diagnose, co-create and apply ICTs in health and other social service organisations and sectors be it manufacturing, finance, banking and education, where more than a decade experience spans. He supports digital transformation in consulting and change management that looks at leveraging ICT to transform services.

Where are you focusing your energy right now?

Applying system thinking in the digital transformation of health systems.

What stood out from your Basecamp Health experience?

Getting introduced to diverse frameworks that can be applied to system thinking.

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