Charmagne Campbell-Patton

Director of Organizational Learning & Evaluation at Blue Marble Evaluation

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Charmagne Campbell-Patton is second-generation evaluator and twelfth generation European settler based in Mnisota Makoce (Minnesota, USA). Her professional experience spans 15 years of program design, implementation and evaluation work across a range of fields, including youth engagement, education, criminal and juvenile justice and philanthropy. She specializes in qualitative research methods and utilization-focused developmental evaluation.

Charmagne is a co-founder of Blue Marble Evaluation, a global network working to transform evaluation to evaluate transformation. As a Blue Marble Evaluator, she supports organizations and initiatives working to transform systems to promote equity and sustainability.

Charmagne holds a BA in Political Science from Grinnell College and an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University’s School of International Service. A global citizen with deep local roots, Charmagne resides near the Mississippi River on Dakota land in Minneapolis with her husband, two young children and cat."

At the School of System Change

Charmagne teaches about developmental evaluation, an approach evaluating systems change that supports ongoing innovation, learning and development. She introduces Blue Marble Evaluation, which promotes global thinking across design, implementation and evaluation of systems change initiatives.

"I am excited that there are so many people committed to transforming systems towards equity and sustainability. I am excited that there is also more of a commitment to center indigenous and global majority perspectives and approaches in this work."
Charmagne Campbell-Patton

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