Constança Belchior

Designer and facilitator of regenerative change

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Constança has always been fascinated by the complexity of life and the relationships that source it. Today she is a facilitator and designer of collaboration and innovation processes for sustainability and regenerative development. Her path in understanding and navigating complexity started when she graduated in Marine Biology and later specialised in Environmental Sciences. She then dedicated the first decade of her career to knowledge development to support environmental policies in Portugal, Brazil and for the EU. Currently, Constança belongs to a collective dedicated to transformative change - in teams, organisations and fields of action - grounded on an integral and living systems approach.

At the School of System Change

Constança offers an introduction to regenerative development and transformative change inspired by living systems.

"I love seeing people's thinking process stretch and expand, and how that in turns shifts one's participation in the world. I also love sharing and engaging people in the amazingness of how living systems work, and as such reconnecting to our essence of humans as nature."
Constança Belchior

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