Darya Shaikh

Partner at Leaders' Quest; Future Stewards

  • Contributor


Darya is a Partner at Leaders’ Quest, a global social enterprise that works with leaders across sectors to tackle big systemic challenges. Her work ranges from stewarding multi-stakeholder coalitions to designing immersive leadership development programs. Prior to Leaders' Quest, Darya spent over a decade leading reconciliation efforts in the Middle East, where she learned firsthand the potential of radical collaboration. She is a first generation American, proud Brooklynite and mother of two.

At the School of System Change

Darya brings expertise in pattern thinking, futures consciousness, and radical collaboration to the School of System Change.

"Leaders' Quest and Future Stewards are part of growing coalition of actors (across sectors) focused on accelerating climate solutions. This work includes campaigns to mobilize a billion citizens into radical action, partnering with businesses to re-imagine their role and working with cities on transformative policy innovations."
Darya Shaikh