Georgia Rubenstein

Lead System Change Designer US at Forum for the Future

  • Facilitator
  • Partner


Georgia leads Forum’s global system change coaching workstream, supporting organizations to build their capacity and capabilities to catalyze and sustain structural and transformative system change. She works with Forum colleagues and the broader field to discover ways to bring systemic mindsets and practices into the "everyday-ness" of how we work, and supports partners to do this in the ways that are most relevant for their needs and ambition. Her recent work has included supporting the nonprofit organization FoodCorps' launch of the multi-stakeholder reWorking Lunch initiative, aiming to provide healthy, sustainable meals to students around the US; and designing a systemic process and approach for the Growing our Future project, in support of a just transition to regenerative agriculture in the US.

At the School of System Change

Georgia led the initial development and launch of the School of System Change in North America and was on the facilitation and design team for Basecamp Americas #4 and #6. She co-facilitated another Basecamp after embarking on the ultimate system changing project of bringing a human into the world in March 2020.

Georgia is looking forward to learning from our participants and all of the amazing work they are doing, and seeing people's personal worldviews shift in unexpected ways.

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