Gurpreet Singh

Senior Program Manager at Roddenberry Foundation

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As a Senior Program Manager at the Roddenberry Foundation, Gurpreet contributes to the design and implementation of the +1 Global Fund and other Roddenberry programs. Prior to joining the Roddenberry Foundation, Gurpreet contributed to the Evaluation and Learning teams at the Skoll Foundation and David and Lucile Packard Foundation, as well as to multiple non-profit organizations and government agencies. An explorer at heart, he enjoys diving into new books, music, cuisines, urban and outdoor adventures, and more. He is thoroughly enjoying his journey through life, while attempting to fulfill his obligations to the community of life on Earth that makes his journey possible.

At the School of System Change

Gurpreet brings his practitioner perspective on how philanthropy can engage more with systems change work, and challenging learning and evaluation paradigms

"I'm heartened by the increasing adoption of systems and complexity thinking and practice within the philanthropic sector, which is critical for navigating current and future crises."
Gurpreet Singh

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