Hesham Abdalla

Head of Quality Improvement

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Hesham is a consultant paediatrician and director of medical education and quality improvement. He has over 10 years experience of service improvement seen through the twin lenses of patient and staff experience and has led teams to a number of Patient Experience National Network and HSJ awards.

He teaches extensively on leadership and QI and was a senior lecturer at Birmingham and subsequently Keele University, teaching on the NHS Leadership Academy Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme for senior leaders. He was also a trustee of Doctors Worldwide, a charity delivering quality medical care and relief in over 22 countries across the globe.

Hesham co-founded Hexitime, the first timebanking platform for improvement of Health and Care, which has been nominated for a number of regional and national awards.


Where are you focusing your energy right now?

  • Mindset shift
  • Building will

What stood out from your Basecamp Health experience?

The link between personal change and systems change.

How has your approach to your work changed?

I am now seeking and applying my energy to leverage points in the system.

What can people come to you to ask about?

  • Connection
  • Collaboration
  • Community building

What's your current inquiry question about?

How to scale up my interventions.

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