Jessica Conrad

Strategist, Facilitator, Coach

  • Facilitator


Working at the frontiers of positive change, Jessica supports purpose-driven people and organizations in a consulting capacity with strategy, coaching, and facilitation in the realms of leadership, organizational learning and development, storytelling and communications, and program design. A skilled facilitator, she brings over a decade of experience designing and delivering strategic initiatives and transformative learning opportunities—including graduate-level courses focused on systems and complexity theory and adaptive leadership—in her previous roles at the RE-AMP Network, Blekinge Institute of Technology, and the Garfield Foundation.

Jessica is deeply curious about the paradigms that shape culture and drive enduring social change. She believes tending to the ways we show up in relationship with ourselves, others, and the wider world is critical for personal growth and transformation.

At the School of System Change

Jessica is a facilitator for Basecamp Americas.

"I find it incredibly rewarding both to support people through a deeply transformational learning experience, and to work alongside such a diverse and inspiring team of contributors at the School of System Change as we collectively work toward a more just and vibrant world for all."
Jessica Conrad

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