Juliane Nier

Co-founder & Principal Consultant at Edge Effects

  • Facilitator


Juliane is an experienced facilitator with a passion for creating spaces for people to come together to tackle complex challenges and inspire lasting change. She designs and facilitates participatory processes, which are driven by purpose, grounded in systems change and adult learning, and packed with creativity.

Her experience ranges from designing and facilitating collaborative multi-stakeholder conferences, workshops and learning exchanges for diverse stakeholders including developing country government actors, development practitioners and donors to designing and implementing organisational learning strategies.

Having worked in the context of climate change and sustainable development over the last 15 years, Juliane is a connector. She shares different perspectives from across her diverse portfolio of consultancy projects, enabling cross-pollination and collaboration.

Juliane holds a BA in European Studies & Politics and an MA in International Development & Education. Her facilitation practice is grounded in training on NLP, Lewis Deep Democracy, Systemic Leadership Coaching and Constellations and Non-Violent Communications.

Juliane Nier

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