Laura Winn

Facilitator at the School of System Change

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Laura is a systems change learning facilitator and regenerative practitioner. She supports changemakers from diverse backgrounds and contexts, providing them with new capabilities and strategic insight to tackle an increasingly complex set of sustainability challenges.

Laura's own practice stems from living systems approaches, learnt and applied across multiple small-scale and large-scale projects. After a BA in French and History at Oxford University and a Masters in French literature at the Sorbonne, Laura spent fifteen years in France contributing to the emergence of an ecosystem of actors around social innovation and the social and solidarity economy, from large health mutuals to social enterprises to community grass-roots organisations. Sustainability-minded from childhood, she then trained more extensively in futures and systemic approaches to our current challenges before joining Forum for the Future in 2016 to launch the School of System Change.

Alongside facilitating courses and curating content with the School, Laura runs a small consultancy in France specialised in accompanying organisations and networks in strategic thinking using systemic, futures and regenerative practice.

At the School of System Change

As a School of System Change facilitator, Laura supports people to learn, practice and discern the utility of multiple tools and methods from across the field of systems change. She garners fantastic energy from the people the School learns and works with from such different perspectives across the world! Laura also loves being able to bring systems change approaches to how the School is developing itself, applying and learning as we go.


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