Marion Birnstill

Founder, Inner Ripple; Collaborative partner of the School of System Change

  • Facilitator


Marion's journey in philanthropy, social change, and partnership co-creation spans over two decades, deeply rooted in global health, systemic change, and conscious leadership. Historically, her work with the Johnson & Johnson Foundation and her partners has been focused on supporting the emergence of the Future of Health. Privileged to work with some of the leading health innovators, systems thinkers, and entrepreneurs, Marion has been challenging the status quo by advocating for new ways of partnering with the belief that collective action and impact approaches are needed to drive transformation and systemic change.

This profound journey has not only led her to uncover a deeper understanding of the intricate ties between inner spaciousness and future consciousness but also inspired the creation of her own organisation, Inner Ripple. Her experiences have led her to the conviction that the paths of action in our current predicament must inherently navigate the intersection of inner stillness and systemic action, honour our diverse ways of knowing, and cultivate hopeful co-inquiries toward human flourishing.

At the School of System Change

Marion is a facilitator on Basecamp for Health System Transformation. She is a collaborative partner of the School to explore together how we might irrigate our health ecosystems with systems change practitioners and cultivate hopeful co-inquiries towards human flourishing.

"The most impactful way to change the future of health is to collectively question the core purpose of our health systems. Historically established to treat and cure people, we are now questioning what would these systems look like if they were designed to keep people health? My belief is that we can significantly accelerate a paradigm shift by nurturing systemic leadership in the health leaders of tomorrow to accelerate our capacity towards transformation with new ways of acting, behaving, and collaborating."
Marion Birnstill


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