Myrna Lewis

Founder and CEO at Lewis Deep Democracy

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Myrna has a B.A. degree in Social Science, a Hons degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She completed further training in Process Orientated Psychology and Psycho Synthesis. Myrna is CEO and heads up Professional Services training and supervising Deep Democracy Instructors and is responsible for innovation and ongoing development of Lewis Deep Democracy. She consults internationally to the private and public sectors specializing in interventions and transformation in complex and challenging situations.

Myrna received an Ashoka Fellowship award (Washington DC) for her work in Education. Deep Democracy was one of the 80 innovations showcased in a United Nations 2007 publication ‘Africa Leads’. This publication was written to show innovations coming out of Africa specifically.
Myrna was a Finalist in The Business’ Women of the Year award in South Africa in 2008. She has published a book Inside the NO – Five Steps to Decisions that Last.

At the School of System Change

Myrna teaches people how to collaborate with everyone present and how to gain the inner potential and wisdom that lies within the group, organisation, and community.