Seanna Davidson

Founder and Director at The Systems School

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Seanna is a systems practitioner, process designer, and educator in systems thinking and systemic change. Described by those who know her as a deep listener, and as a grounded, empathetic and engaging guide, Seanna is passionate about untangling complex problems through systems wayfinding. Seanna works with individuals, small teams and collectives, combining her passion for reflective action learning and her deep knowledge of systems thinking. Drawing from inclusive design, Seanna holds care-ful spaces for people to learn about, experiment with, and grow confident in building their systems thinking practice.

At the School of System Change

Offered in collaboration between The Systems School and the School of System Change, Seanna is facilitating a Seedling Series session on Time in autumn 2023. Participants will be supported to reflect on their relationship with time and consider how they define and apply different dimensions of time in their systems change work. Seedling Series sessions support changemakers to embrace complexity through discovering the diversity of systemic approaches and practitioners.


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