Fodé Beaudet

Principal, Learning Partner Edge

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Fodé was born in Montreal and lived elsewhere for most of his life. He recently retired from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in search of a professional path to be more mobile and present in the lives of his two sons.

Fodé self-identifies as a Learning Partner for systems change, a role and a contribution he is still discovering. He is particularly called to collaborate with those who know intuitively and from experience that learning is beyond training or 'capacity-building', or the synthesis of 'recommendations' in a report. Instead, approach learning as a process that includes understanding the dynamic of a system, experimenting, putting into practice what is being discovered and reframe assumptions and structures rather than gaming the system to justify those structures and mental models that contribute to the problem and stifle new possibilities.

What led Fodé on this journey is a personal and professional path that ranged from experience as diverse as the defence sector, network & systems change field, international development, public service (Global Affairs Canada) and efforts to articulate what is bubbling but can’t fit in any category, such as writing, including fiction and nonfiction.

Fodé's approach to design is agnostic. He has played with foresight, Adult Education Models, Human Learning Systems, dialogic approaches or complex adaptive systems, to name a few. He pays attention to how rehearsed language can both help to connect and disconnect one another.

At the School of System Change

Calin is a member of the MEL in Systems Change Inquiry Group hosted by the School of System Change in 2023. The inquiry group convened people specialising in monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) to co-produce thought pieces on what is emerging in MEL in the field of systems change as well as bridge traditional MEL with complexity-informed developmental MEL. Learn more about the project.


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