Francesca Pick

Collaboration catalyst, facilitator and organization designer; Founding Partner at Greaterthan Collective

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Francesca trains, facilitates, and consults with organizations and teams on participatory governance, network building, self-management, collaborative decision-making and budgeting. In 2017 she co-founded Greaterthan, a global collective of practitioners working towards growing more healthy organizing structures and cultures.

Francesca got her start in this field as a member of the global communities Enspiral and Ouishare, the latter of which she played a key role in developing from since 2012. She is a co-author of Enspiral's book Better Work Together and graduated from Zeppelin University, with an award-winning bachelor thesis about 'Building Trust in Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces'.

At the School of System Change

Francesca is a contributor on Constellating Change in 2023/2024. She is taking part in session five on Resources and money along with Zahra Davidson.

"What drives me forward is the desire to shift self-managed, participatory and transparent organizing practices from a minority phenomena to becoming a clear choice for organizations and groups who want their organizing structures and cultures to be aligned with the values they want to see in the world."
Francesca Pick


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