Samantha Slade

Co-director at Percolab Coop; strategist, facilitator, practitioner - collective governance and participatory leadership

  • Contributor


Samantha is a social and conscious entrepreneur, author of Going Horizontal (Berrett-Koehler publishers), and TedX Geneva speaker on The Future is in Business as Commons. She immigrated from Europe to Canada/Turtle Island as a child and is based in Montreal.

Samantha supports organizations and communities throughout the world to operate more horizontally towards a just future, within planetary limits. With a background in education, she develops innovation learning tools and programs including the game Listen For... Her work is grounded in her studies in cultural anthropology and approaching work as an ongoing experiment in how we might rebalance worldviews.

At the School of System Change

Samantha is a contributor on Constellating Change in 2023/2024. She is taking part in session six on Roles and contributions along with Siana Bangura.


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