Sarah McAdam

Mentor, co-designer and collaborator; Member of the Transformational Governance Collective; Healthy Human Culture facilitator; Transition Hubs Heart Circle member

  • Contributor


Sarah spent the first part of her career in large UK public sector institutions working with great people and learning useful skills often in deeply dysfunctional environments. She escaped into the Transition movement where she helped catalyse and guide a parallel experiment to (re)distribute power, resources and responsibility within a small charity and across a transnational activist network.

Sarah now focuses her time and energy on supporting shifts towards healthier collective culture - mentoring individuals and teams, designing and delivering learning journeys and as a member of the Transformational Governance collective. She's experimenting with what it is to be a good elder in these times.

At the School of System Change

Sarah is a contributor on Constellating Change in 2023/2024. She is taking part in session three on Power and decision making along with Yves Abanda.


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