Yves Abanda

Shared Governance Coach, International relations development and Internal Cohesion at Université du Nous

  • Contributor


Yves was raised in a Western-European and Central African mix of cultures, full of contradictions, synergies, mental illness and thus resilience. He is wealthy of meeting many different ways of being to the world.

He is utterly interested in what allows people from radically different cultures and worldviews to engage in meaningful dialogue and effective collaboration. After founding a small nonprofit to create collaborative projects between indigenous and non-indigenous youth during his studies, he realised that he needed more experience and tools for groups to share power, in full awareness of the systemic wounds of the past, the upcoming challenges of collapsing civilisations, and everyone's own light and shadow. He joined l'Université du Nous in 2021 to become an apprentice coach and facilitator for shared governance, and delve deeper in the beauty and pain of groups attempting to share power effectively - and consciously.

At the School of System Change

Yves is a contributor on Constellating Change in 2023/2024. He is taking part in session three on Power and decision making along with Sarah McAdam.

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