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Stories of Change: Levels of Paradigm

The third film in our Stories of Change series featuring Levels of Paradigm from regenerative practice: Water Resilience in Mexico City

Showing us how different parts of a system interact and influence one another

Regeneration, as a mindset, is focused on building the capacity and capability in people, communities, and other natural systems to restore, renew or revitalize. How can regenerative design help us understand the whole systems to shift toward resilient and equitable systems that integrate nature?

The film

Why frameworks and stories for systems change?

We use frameworks as part of systems change practice because they help us navigate complexity. Humans are visual beings, and we like structure. We are able to understand great levels of complexity, patterns and interconnectedness in this way.

Frameworks allow us to scan a situation, bring some things to the foreground and let others slip away. To move beyond the need to know or see everything and start seeing the patterns of things that matter for the work we’re trying to do.

There are multiple frameworks in the field of systems change across the world. We’ve started to curate some of them into a series of multimedia resources we’re calling Stories of Change, hoping to make them more accessible to people working towards a sustainable future all over the world.

The resources

The aim of this project is to create accessible resources to co-learn and help change agents to design more systemic strategies and action. This project supports system change facilitators to introduce systemic frameworks using stories of change in history to a wider audience.

Levels of Paradigm Facilitator Pack

This facilitator pack gives readers tools, worksheets and additional resources to host a session on the Levels of Paradigm framework.

Download Faciliator Pack

Webinar Recording

This webinar was recorded in 2020 and included Ben Haggard from Regenesis Group Inc and Delfín Montañana from Isla Urbana.

Watch Webinar

Special thanks to:

Garfield Foundation, Lankelly Chasse Foundation, Regenesis and Glider.

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